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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?


Le 15/11/2011 21:11, David Prévot a écrit :
> On 14/11/2011 14:47, Kåre Thor Olsen wrote:

>> I think some organisations may have guidelines restricting what can be
>> published on their website, or perhaps they don't want to give this
>> information on their own website

I removed this optional request from the proposed patch, and just
committed the “don't specify version” mention as suggested by Andrei:
actually, asking for a Debian mention usually lead to some
misunderstanding, and as Kåre suggested, some (maybe half) of them can't
comply, so this information might be useless anyway :/. Of course, I
also removed it from the mails I continue sending to users.

Status update : focusing on the 125 oldest users submitted, I already
managed to update 32 (2 more on their way) and remove 39. Some of the
remaining ones have already replied, but most of the them haven't (I
already contacted twice at least two persons of these organizations).
It's more difficult than I thought to remove data from a user who
doesn't respond, especially when you find evidences that they are still
using Debian (e.g. to run their public web server), so I continue to try
and contact them (but it becomes more and more difficult to actually
find someone willing to respond to such request).

Not answering the “Automating the handling of various partners lists”
part of the mail right now, but let me just state that I find Andrei's
ideas great. Please note that mirrors [1] and CD vendors [2] are already
handled with a submission form, and that the first one even trigger a
bug report against the mirrors pseudo-package, so there is not much to
do on the technical part, just need some adaptation (and of course the
mailing list handling).

	1 : http://www.debian.org/mirror/submit
	2 : http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/adding-form



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