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Re: Translation statistics: new "diffstat" column


Le 31/07/2011 09:19, Marcin Owsiany a écrit :
> On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 02:38:22PM +0100, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
>> I hope you find it useful. I've only tested it on my browser (Chrome
>> 13), contributions to improve it are of course more than welcome.
> Sorry for the slightly off-the-thread reply, I'm not subscribed to
> debian-www.

Keeping you CC.

Instead of relying on some JavaScript client side, I wonder if those
interesting data couldn't be shipped directly at build time. They will
thus be available even on non-JavaScript (or on JavaScript disabled)
clients, the source data will be picked only once (well, six time a day
to be honest, but only from www-master).

Since I just played with data from the i18n bot to fix #627090, I'm also
willing to have a look to introduce them on the website stats page as
requested in #642017.

I'm also removing the Translation and Origin columns: they took a lot of
place in the table, just to display version numbers that are anyway
displayed in both the Unified diff and Colored diff columns, please tell
me if I shouldn't have removed them.



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