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Bug#646150: www.debian.org: please define a policy for event locations

On Fri, 2011-12-02 at 15:34 +0100, Luca Capello wrote:

> I have started to document this on a wiki page [1], I will wait one more
> week before sending an RFC to the d-publicity@ mailing list.
> [1] <http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Events/Policy>

Some thoughts

abbr: sometimes the event itself will have defined a preferred
abbreviation (ie DebConf12 or 28C3). Otherwise using the filename and
year seems fine.

year: indeed, start_date, end_date should be enough.

> Fully agreed, if we want as much specificity as possible the
> PHYSICAL_LOCATION should be included, so the tag would be (information
> in brackets are optional):

Looks good. In the actual WML I would suggest separating these out into
specific tags and then combining them in the HTML output, since you
might want different data in the iCal format.

> However, all these information can cause the line in the event page [2]
> to be too long.  Just imagine for FOSDEM 2007 [3] (discussion about the
> date format is at #650378 [4]):

Hmm, agreed. I would suggest that maybe the location information should
be short at the top (just city/country), with a link to a sub-section of
the page for more information.

> a) the requirement for the tag is the line above.

As above, I suggest splitting the tag into separate pieces.

> b) PHYSICAL_LOCATION should be a *single* building or institution,
>    without any comma, so in the example above not "Université Libre de
>    Bruxelles, Campus Solbosh", but "ULB Campus Solbosh".

Sounds good.

> c) GPS_COORDINATES must be present and in a standard form: despite me
>    not being able to find a reference [5], I would say that the form
>    instead of spaces).  FYI, Wikipedia's city page for Brussels [6] use:

Sounds good.

>    * 50°51'0"N 4°21'0"E
>      when in a graphical browser (Iceweasel) 
>    * 50°51'0"N 4°21'0"E / 50.85°N 4.35°E / 50.85; 4.35
>      when in a textual browser (w3m)

I don't think the middle one is needed, but the last one would be useful
I guess. Its a shame that there is no HTML tag for locations, there is a
microformat for that though:


>    I do not know which map these coordinates should be linked to either:
>    the one linked to by Wikipedia is GeoHack [7], which seems a good
>    option also because it offers the possibility to create a link with
>    "custom" coordinates [8].  If we should choose a real map, then I
>    will go for OpenStreetMap [9].

I personally lean towards just OpenStreetMap. If people want to use the
non-free services they can copy and paste the GPS co-ordinates into the
search field on those maps. Most of the ones I tried (Google, Bing,
Yahoo) understand the format you have given above. There are some that
do not (at least maps.nokia.com, whereis.com.au) though. 

If we go with OpenStreetMap there will need to be an osm_zoom tag to
specify how far to zoom in.

> d) the event page [2] will show only the second and third fields, which
>    means CITY (plus STATE if present) and COUNTRY, while each specific
>    page [3] will have everything.

Sounds good.

A region specification would be useful for people who haven't heard of
the country, so they will be able to have a general location.

I would suggest a link to the venue page for the conference.

I've made a mockup of my suggestions above here:




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