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Problem with debian cd vendor

Hi, two months ago, I bought a complete Debian DVD set from one of the vendors listed in http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/ . I paid for it but they never sent me the package. Also, they don't answer any attempt of communication. Two weeks ago someone there contacted me asking if I would like to cancel the transaction and have my money back, but I decided to wait a few more days. Since then I have had no news from them and there is never anyone to respond our calls.

The vendor in question is the following:

Name: Distribuicoes Linux
Website: http://www.distribuicoeslinux.com.br
E-mail: email@distribuicoeslinux.com.br

Both they and I are located in Brazil.

I understand the vendor is not affiliated or related to Debian, but you do request our feedback in the vendors page so here is mine.

Thank you!

Sérgio L. Domingues

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