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Re: debian theme para shapado


We (debian-ask admins) have pending to use the same Debian Web design in
debian-ask [1] (as you did it for the Wiki, Planet, etc.), and now
thanks to Shapado Developers will be support for themes in the new
release of Shapado, and in this moment they are helping us to create a
custom theme.

For that reason we need a template (html+css) of the design so will be
very helpful if you give us advice about this and if will be possible a
template that we can use as starting point.

Thanks in advance for your help! ;-)

Best Regards,

P.S. Please keep the debian-ask mailing list CC'ed in the thread.

[1] http://ask.debian.net/
Fernando C. Estrada

snafu = Situation Normal All F%$*ed up

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