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Who's using Debian?


Below a submission for the Who's using Debian page.

1. IT Ops, NG Communications bvba, Kortenberg, Belgium
2. Commercial
3. http://www.ngcommunications.com
4. NG Communications is a Belgian telecommunications and managed hosting company. We've been using Debian on our servers for almost 10 years, including servers that we manage for our customers.

In total we manage over 30 servers, using the applications Apache, Nginx, Pure-FTPd, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Postfix and Dovecot on top of Debian.
We chose Debian for it's advanced package management system, excellent security updates and overall stability.

Thanks in advance.

Maurice Croes
Solutions Architect

NG Communications
Kwerpsebaan 223b
B-3071 Kortenberg
Tel +32 2 400 66 70
Fax +32 2 400 66 71

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