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Bug#646150: www.debian.org: please define a policy for event locations

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On Sat, Oct 22, 2011 at 2:24 AM, Luca Capello wrote:

> Please keep the events@d.o address in the loop.

Doing so.

> In the first case, I do not think that we should enforce any policy
> about how to define the name for a specific event.  This because it is
> up to the organizers of the event to decide its name.


> In the second case, AFAIK the current policy is "CITY, COUNTRY" and it
> has been like this for the events since 1999, with some exceptions like
> building or the institution) or "CITY, STATE, COUNTRY" (especially true
> for some USA locations).

I would like as much specificity as possible in the location
information, possibly even including GPS co-ordinates of the
reception/start point and or a link to OpenStreetMap or the map
provided by the event organisers if any exists.

> I would enforce the policy defining the location as "CITY [(STATE)],
> COUNTRY", for the very simple reason that the PHYSICAL_LOCATION is not
> always well defined (e.g. a university is not a building).  STATE is not
> mandatory, but if present it should be in parenthesis.  If it should be
> abbreviated (my preference) or not is another point that should be
> defined.

State abbreviation should be fine IMO.



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