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Re: CVS webwml/english/consultants

Hi David,

Il giorno dom, 16/10/2011 alle 11.49 -0400, David Prévot ha scritto:
> Le 16/10/2011 11:19, CVS User eppesuig a écrit :
> Please, check the build before pushing such change (I already fixed the
> last one two weeks ago [0]). The country part of the <country_count> tag
> should reproduce Verbatim the output of the count Perl script.
> 0:
> http://anonscm.debian.org/viewvc/webwml/webwml/english/consultants/consultant.data?r1=1.1525&r2=1.1526

I did check the build and it worked locally, or at least this was my
opinion. Now I understand I was wrong, but I still cannot find the right
way to add Dominican Republic or other countries. Could you please
better explain it to me?

I mean: how may I check perl output if I do not insert (yet) that line
in consultant.data?

Thank you very much,

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