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Error in documentation for using CVS to translate pages

The page "Using CVS"[1] states:

> If you have been given a username with a password, insert that instead of anonymous, like this:
>    cvs -d :ext:username@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/webwml checkout webwml/english/doc

That does not work.  The documentation should read something like:

"If you have been given an username and a password, you have to use them
to upload your public GPG key to your Alioth account.  Then do the
checkout with a command like this:

cvs -d :ext:username@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/webwml checkout webwml/english/doc"

What is the next step after an error has been spotted and reported to
the list?


[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/website/using_cvs

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