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Re: email

On 20/09/11 04:54, Bjarne von Horn wrote:
> Hello,
> I want you to remove
> "http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-www@lists.debian.org/msg34824.html";,
> because I don't want anyone to know my email-adress.
> Kind regards,
> Bjarne von Horn
That's a sad an unsolveable problem you have there (Max Mustermann)....
this list is copied by many sites (osdir, nabble etc), so removing your
original post *won't* remove the copies, and can't change history (the
original post happened).

And now you've posted your email address *again*!

Please consider, using a free, disposable email account if you feel the
need to hide, and thinking before hitting the Enter key.

NOTE: spam is not welcomed on debian lists - so posting the lists as
*your* email address on yasni.de doesn't engender sympathy.


"Always question authority, and demand the truth."
— Bill Hicks

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