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Re: Who's *still* or *not* using Debian?

On Mi, 14 sep 11, 22:21:20, David Prévot wrote:
> Maybe some of you, e.g. handling data in the vendors, pre-installed,
> consultants, etc. part of the website, may have some advice or tip to
> handle such pings. Here is a proposed workflow I can think of, do not
> hesitate to comment it, or the proposed text at the end of this message.
Giussepe Sacco has been doing that for consultants. You might want to 
ask him about the scripts used ;)

> -----------------------------%<------------------------------
> Subject: Are you still using Debian?
> Hi [Name, if known],
> Some time ago, you provided a description [1] of how your organization
> uses Debian.
> 	1: [Link to the page and a copy of the current description]
> If you are still using Debian, you may wish to update this data, with a
> paragraph or two describing how your organization uses Debian. Try to
> include details such as the number of workstations/servers, the software
> they run, and why you chose Debian over the competition.

Here I would try to suggest them to avoid mentioning version numbers or 
code-names, as that information gets outdated over time. Maybe something 

"... the software they run (but no need for specific versions), and why 
you ..."

> [One of the two following, depending if there is a link or not]
> ----------------
> Is the home page link [2] still correct?
> 	2: [Home page link]
> ----------------
> You may also wish to provide an home page link if you have one.
> ----------------

I think it should be s/an home page/a home page/

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