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Re: Add an extra item to the CD faq: write image to USB

On 09/12/2011 01:23 PM, Luca Capello wrote:
> You have a point, but then I do not see why we need to restrict our
> instructions to a single Unix and not refer them to other/all Unix-like
> OSs, when the same tool is available there (and we even distribute some
> of them).

Hm. I didn't see the instructions as restrictive/exclusive, but merely
representative of what's typical (the rest being easily inferred by an
astute reader :). But if people really think "GNU/Linux/Unix" or
something similar communicates better to our audience than just
"GNU/Linux" (with similar OSes being implied), I could be swayed. It's
not worth the stress. Just propose a wording that is clear (jftr, I
don't think "GNU/Linux/Unix" is).

> Please note that you did not include in your list the two most used
> Unix-like OSs, i.e. Mac OS X and iOS:

Sure, though I doubt if the average user of those OSes is much aware of
or interested in using the command line in the way the CD faq
instructions describe.

> The facts that Mac OS X is a Unix-like OS and that dd is included by
> default there as well means that you could use it instead of any other
> GUI tool (disclaimer: I have not tested it).  I know, however, that
> someone used to the CLI on Mac could figure out this without any
> problem.

Valid point. If it can be confirmed, that would be useful to include
specifically in the section dealing with Mac.

> Do not get me wrong, but I have had too many experiences with adults
> (not only about computer-related stuff) to know that it is always better
> to specify something instead of implying it.

Fair enough. If you really don't want to spend more time on it, that's
your prerogative. But I don't see this issue really as all that
contentious (though I agree it might have potential to be) and with
care, it could be wrapped up in another few emails back and forth.


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