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Handling of Debian Consultants additions

I just happen to have a little time to join the discussion :)

On Vi, 09 sep 11, 14:41:35, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 02, 2011 at 11:24:50AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> > JFYI (forwarded with permission).
> > 
> > While we are at it, and given that the consultants@d.o address is meant
> > to manipulate public information anyhow, I wonder if we cannot simply
> > turn that address into a "please submit a bug report against
> > www.debian.org". That would give visibility to pending requests, as well
> > as out the consultants team, given that anyone with access to webwml
> > will be able to work on the list.
> > 
> > Just my 0.02€,
> > Cheers.
> > 
> Hi Stefano,
> thank you for the notice. 
> I've also noted a huge queue in the consultant list, because mails to
> consultant@d.o are also forwarded to webmaster@d.o, and I was wondering
> what to do about it.
> madamezou@wolkenstein:/org/www.debian.org/mail$ cat .mailfilter | grep
> CONSULTANTS="debian-archive-debian-consultants@master.debian.org
> joey-consultants@master.debian.org andreimpopescu@gmail.com
> giuseppe@eppesuigoccas.homedns.org"
> These are the people now in charge for keep up-to-date the consultant
> list or at least people who receive the mails directed to consultants@d.o
> (and for this reason I've added them in CC, even if I think they read
> debian-www).
> In addition, on [1], is also listed Noèl Köthe.
> So Andrei, Giuseppe, Joey, Noél: do you have still time for this task? If
> not, any volunteer?

Right at the moment I'm trying to take a 2 weeks vacation and afterwards 
I'll be quite busy with a big project at work. However, the weekly 
volume of work is not very high for me to completely step down.

However, what has kept me from staying up-to-date with requests is not 
so much the lack of time, but lack of motivation for doing something 
that can be 95% automated. Most of the work done right now consists of:

1. Check if the addition request is reasonable (i.e. the URL mentions 
"Debian" somewhere)
1a. ask for directions if not
2. copy-paste/re-write as needed the data into the webwml cvs
3. reply to requester with confirmation or rejection (with reason of 

My suggestion would be to create a web form to take care of the above 
and just send maintainers a diff of the commit. In case the submitters 
are not happy with the automated addition/rejection they could contact 

> Remember that is not requested to be a DD/DM to do this: any volunteer
> and contributor is welcome.
> WRT Stefano's proposal (redirect request for additions in the BTS), IMHO it could be a regression
> of the current workflow: the idea is to delegate and extend tasks
> regarding the website, not to concentrate them in few hands.

Any solution involving the BTS and/or public mailing list should add 
proper disclaimers. I think this was the main concern about keeping the 
consultants@d.o alias instead of just redirecting it to debian-www or 

Kind regards,
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