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Problems with indexing your website content


I’m a representative of the leading search engine in Russia, Yandex LLC 
( http://www.yandex.com ). We think that the content of your site is very important and would be very useful for the users of our search engine system. But at this moment our crawler (User-agent: Yandex) is not allowed to index your site http://bugs.debian.org/ (in robots.txt). We would be grateful if you let us know whether our crawlers violate any of your policies. What are the reasons for blocking them? What can we do to get access for our crawlers to index your content?

Once your site has been indexed by Yandex, it will appear in relevant search results not only on yandex.com (with users all over the world), but also in our national searches (tens of millions of users from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus will be able to find your site). Yandex is Russia's largest and world's seventh largest search engine and web portal with a workday audience of more than 27,6 million unique visitors (as of July 2011) from all over the world.

Looking forward to your reply.
Thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours, Platon
Yandex customer support

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