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On 03/09/11 22:51, BEN WILLIAMS wrote:
Hello, How you doing today, i will like to order some of your
product , payment will be made via my credit card directly to you,
please this is a personal order, and i have already made arrangement
for my shipping by a private courier , Kindly reply me with your web
page just to confirm i contacted the right person.. Regards Ben

Are the scammers getting dumber - or do the dumb folk they're scamming still have money? (sigh)

"I don't know how you deal with these winters - I don't get it. I was
here last winter, one of the days I was here it was 3 below zero, no
wind chill. A little nippy.
It's kind of fun though in that weather, going outdoors and watching
smokers pass out 'cause they don't know when they're done exhaling."
— Bill Hicks

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