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bugs.debian.org: [once more] Please add support for tag "wheezy"

[Bugreport text sent again, because it didn't make it to the
list, most likely due to attachments.
Please find the patches under 

Package: bugs.debian.org
Tags: patch

Some of you may remember this issue, see #623524.
There is some work left on this:

under "Select bugs" there is a list of tags which is lacking
'wheezy' and 'wheezy-ignore'.

under "Tags currently include ..." is a list of tags which is 
also lacking 'wheezy' and 'wheezy-ignore'.

To make all this easier (and to not forget some occurences), 
we should change all occurences to use an entity like the 
already existing 'bts_tags' entity, which is generated in 
../english/Bugs/pkgreport-opts.inc and which is already used
in ../Bugs/index.wml:
	<p>Valid tags are <bts_tags></p>
The existing bts_tags entity has the disadvantage, that there
is no possibility to use a different formatting, what would be
good here.
Don't know why bts_tags is generated as it is:
# this is pasted from debbugs/etc/config
@gTags = ( "patch", "wontfix", "moreinfo", "unreproducible", "fixed",
           "potato", "woody", "sid", "help", "security", "upstream",
           "pending", "sarge", "sarge-ignore", "experimental", "d-i",
           "confirmed", "ipv6", "lfs", "fixed-in-experimental",
           "fixed-upstream", "l10n", "etch", "etch-ignore",
           "lenny", "lenny-ignore",

<define-tag bts_tags whitespace=delete>
  <: print join(", ", @gTags); :>
Are there special circumstances for this?
I have prepared a patch, that changes this to a more generic way
(without perl).

On http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Developer.en.html#tags
I would also add a list of tags via that entity as a headline 
in top of all that long descriptions, because this list is getting
longer and longer. For a quick overview such a listing would be
good on the top.

That all would lead to changings in: 	../Bugs/Developer.wml

Patches attached.


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