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fonts.debian.net proposal -- web fonts

hi Gurkan and the debian fonts team--

What if http://fonts.debian.net/ could generate web font files (in at
least the standard eot form, maybe in woff as well) and publish them
under a stable URL?

If this could be done with a commitment to avoid tracking users (and
maybe also to offer it optionally under https to avoid mixed-content
warnings), it would make it very easy for web authors to use any font in
debian, just by specifying it in their CSS.

This would be similar to Google's Web Fonts directory [0], but without
the surveillance, and with a focus on free fonts.

What do people think?  Would this be doable?  Desirable?  What downsides
would there be?

I've CC'ed the debian website team to see if they would be interested as
well -- maybe it would be useful to their plans to have free fonts
reliably available for debian web work?


[0] http://www.google.com/webfonts

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