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Re: Header/search box overlap.

On 25/08/11 09:11, Jeff Pugh wrote:
> Where to start ??? IDK..
> Is wml responsible for the unreadability of
> /template/debian/navbar.wml ?

I'm not having problems with reading it.

What size screen are you viewing the site on??
What is your screen resolution??

> Indent here, <div id="navbar">
> KISS is good, why fangled generators and cms for "mostly static html"
> ?

Because on a site with thousands of pages, maintained by many people,
(new) fangled generators *are* KISS.
Very little of debian.org is "static".


and see how many pages you're suggesting should be "hand-coded", or
whatever non-"fangled" method you suggest.

> /debian.org <http://debian.org> ��� /one ��� /two ��� /three

I have no idea what you mean ^^^

> share /debian.org <http://debian.org>

Likewise ^^^

> Meh. The thing that was bugging me (well a couple of things, but one
> at a time) was the search box. Looks fine in Iceweasel, until I ctrl
> + to a size that is readable for me. I see this on a lot of pages, I
> suspect it is due to all these so called gererators/cms's.

If most sites require you to resize your browser then the problem is not
most sites. You should only need to resize a page if the site is badly
Either you can email the entire internet suggesting they recode to suit
your browsing - or consider the possibility the problems sits at your
end of the tubes.

> Here is a screen shot of the problem.
> http://sixfour.freeshell.org/shots/overlap.png

If you have to resize the page such that the searchbox moves from the
right-hand side to the left - then the problem is not the code on
Debian.org - it's your browser/display settings.
Debian.org is an example of how sites should be coded (fluid layout) -
but there's a limit to how "liquid" a layout can be and still have
useful content.

> something about height in one of these maybe ?
> #header #navbar #upperheader

debian_en.css doesn't appear to set any "heights" for those elements.


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