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Re: Index page included debianday.js from external source for some hours

-=| Gerfried Fuchs, Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 10:38:17AM +0200 |=-
> The reason to use the external URL was to allow them to update the 
> code (which did happen - in the early version it only had red 
> balloons, for a start).  It's of course a trust issue, and for a one 
> day event I trust the contributors to be reasonable (it's not like 
> it was done by just some random person but someone known within the 
> community).

Call me paranoid, but having the JS on non-debian server prevented me 
to see the baloons. My loss, I guess.

(This is not intented as a rant, but as an additional data point for 
the future).

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