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Re: Validation failed


On Wed, Aug 17, 2011 at 02:53:08PM +0000, Debian Webmaster wrote:
> *** Errors validating
> *** Errors validating /srv/www.debian.org/www/ports/alpha/index.es.html:
> 	***
> Line 65, character 67:	an attribute specification must start with a name
> 	or name token

I updated the translation but the error persists, could you help me to
investigate the reason please?

>From source code, line 65 is:
  <p class="center"><img src="alpha-penguin.jpg" alt="" width=height=></p>
In WML file, the related line is:
  <p class="center"><img src="alpha-penguin.jpg" /></p>

Thanks in advance for your help!

Fernando C. Estrada

I was attacked by dselect as a small child and have since avoided
		-- Andrew Morton

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