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Bug#634986: /donations.html: Please link to debian.ch for donations in CHF

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 05:24:56PM +0200, Luca Capello wrote:
> This is strictly linked to #613832, given that we need to define, once
> for all, how we behave WRT Debian Trusted Organizations [1].  Given that
> Debian money is held only by them (Debian does not exist in itself as a
> legal organization), all of them could be listed in the donation page:
>   <http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Auditor/Organizations>
> [1] technically and constituionally speaking, everything has already
>     been decided, see below.

Indeed. According to Constitution, since the GR Luca has references,
Debian should have maintained an authoritative list of Debian Trusted
Organization; except that we haven't :-) Luk Claes (auditor) started
collecting a list at the wiki page above and IIRC I've agreed with
Martin Michlmayr (auditor) that the final list should reside on the
Debian website.

Given Martin is coming at DebConf, I presume we will have a patch to
propose before the end of the conference. Once that is integrated, I
expect the auditors to maintain the list of Trusted Organizations
(they've been delegated to do that) and hence to modify directly that
page as needed, barring different indications from the -www team of

> > 1. Subtiltle: Change "Donations of Money" to Donations to Software in
> > the Public Interest"
> >
> > New Subtitle: "Donations to Partner Organizations" before "For some
> > parts of the world..."
> I am against that, given that SPI no more has any special position WRT
> any other trusted organizations since version 1.3:

I concur.

> My idea would be simply to have an alphabetical list of the trusted
> organizations who we know accept donations for Debian.  Another option
> would be to have them listed by continents.

I suggest leaving this to the auditors to decide, as they are the
"maintainers" of that list.

A related point I'd like to mention is the potential risk of duplicating
information as arguably one thing is a page listing Debian Trusted
Organizations (required by Constitution) and another one is a page
listing how to donate to Debian. There will be a huge overlap among the
two, but there might be differences (e.g. imagine if one day we decide
to add some social donation mechanism, that one would figure in the
donation page but not in the Trusted Organization listing). I suggest to
factor out the list of organizations (I've seen that done with .data
files in the website organization) and include it from both pages.

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