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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "Python/FAQ" by StefanoRivera

On Jun 28, 2011, at 07:42 PM, anatoly techtonik wrote:

>My geeky nature is eager to learn about these "less desirable design
>aspects" to see if they were really addressed, and what is the
>consensus of dh_python2, because practice shows that it is unlikely to
>be better than its three predecessors without some sacrifice. It will
>be even more interesting to see overview and a comparison for the new
>solution if it doesn't sacrifice anything at all. ,)

I'm rather sleep deprived so I don't have the energy to rehash this, but do
some spelunking on debian-python archives.  It's been pretty well hashed out


(BTW, why did you redirect this to debian-www from debian-python?)

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