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CVS commit: 295

Hello list,

I have some trouble with CVS:

After updating my local CVS copy I copied the file 20110617.wml into another 
directory outside of the checkout and translated it. After that I moved it into 
webwml/german/News/2011 and added it to the CVS. The program told me to "cvs 
commit" it to permanently add this file. So far so good.

After entering "cvs commit 20110617.wml" and the key phassphrase, cvs printed 
nothing but "259". I waited for about half an hour and pressed [Strg]+[C], cvs 
acknowledged that it got an interrupt signal and that the commit was aborted. 
Since now I could enter what I wanted, all the shell said was "?".
When I closed the shell, Konsole meant that the program cvs was still running 
(so no exit state).

That was about one week ago. I thought there was a temporary server problem 
and tried again at the following days, with another file 
(/webwml/german/uebersetzung/leute; here the number was 291) and asked for 
help in the german mailing list, got a hint to try updating my CVS copy via 
"update -APCd", purged the package "cvs" today and reinstalled it, nothing 

Do you have any ideas or know where to ask?

Thanks a lot!


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