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Re: ipv6 connection problem to villa.debian.org


On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 02:16:04PM +0300, Lutfi ODUNCUOGLU wrote:
> In our campus we started to use ipv6 a while ago. The problem is we can
> not connect villa.debian.org from certain ip blocks.

debian-www list is about the website.
(so CC debian-admin)

> Even we disable the firewalls and ACL's in network tools and there is no
> problem about ipv6 we can connect everywhere except villa.debian.org. Is it
> possible that those blocks are blacklisted. One of the block that we cannot
> connect is 2001:a98:30:3::/64

Is there an IP in that block that we could ping ?

a traceroute from villa says:
2001:a98:30::3 is the last router that replies, you should check it.

We need useful traces from you:
mtr -6 -r -c 10 villa.debian.org

Simon Paillard

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