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CVS cron module moved to debwww git cron repository


 Historically, the cron CVS module was set up to be only commitable by
webmasters (debwww group). With the move to alioth this was
unfortunately looked over, and given that the cron scripts should rather
be only touched by a limited amount of people I now moved it back into
debwww grounds.

 Along that path I imported its history into git. I don't expect any
troubles but I've left the old CVS checkout on wolkenstein for the time
being and haven't removed the files therein yet.

 You can find it now here:

 There is one thing why this was also done: We have the troubles that
perl-suid is long deprecated but on alioth a cronjob sets all the files
inside the repositories to g+s. We though use three perl scripts inside
the CVSROOT module for log information (debian-www-cvs list and CIA
bot are the most prominent examples). 

 I'll move the three required scripts into this git repository and do a
checkout on vasks and reference the scripts through loginfo and
commitinfo files in CVSROOT from that place. I hope to get this done
later today if I am unable to do it before I finally get to work (power
down in train might be helpful for this plan).

 That's it for now, if you want to send a patch for the cron jobs, git
format-patch files are appreciated. Also, I think there is some
documentation on the website about this which needs to get updated too.
Any takers? ;)

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