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debwww project on alioth & permissions


 By accident today I found out about a huge deficit in the way
FusionForge likes to "help" the administrator of projects to organize
people. One can add new members with a cheap click - only, the default
is set to admin.

 For people adding others, PLEASE set them to Junior Developer, for a
start. I hope the default can get switched, but please be careful when
adding people!

 For a second, there are a lot of people now set as admin where I expect
this to have happened by accident, and I'd like to clean that up.
Unfortunately, FusionForge isn't very "helpful" here too: One has to add
a new role to the people and remove the other, each require another
click and another page load, not possible to do in bigger batches other
than a single account. Also, all of the names and roles are in a single
table with the same background and it is hard to align them properly
with names on the left and roles on the right.

 tl;dr - it *might* happen that I accidently remove someone completely
in trying to clean that up. If it happens to do, don't account it to
badwill but instead don't feel shy and ask to be re-added.

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