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Re: host www.debian.org (IP6) 2001:41b8:202:deb:216:35ff:fec4:6340 is down


On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 08:52:53AM +0200, Holger Sander wrote:
> Your Webpage is by the IP 2001:41b8:202:deb:216:35ff:fec4:6340 not
> availble! The server seems to be down.
> The Server 2001:858:2:2:214:22ff:fe0d:7717 and the IP4-Server work fine.

kokkonen.debian.org has been upgraded to squeeze this night, to that might be

debian-admin restarted apache so that it listens at v6 as well, now ok.

Best regards.

Simon Paillard

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