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Re: Fwd: RE: Front page


Am 10.05.2011 22:09, schrieb Pfannenstein Erik:

> here is the last message by Jonathan, including a full problem description and 
> two (virus-clean) Word-Documents.

That's the usual "I installed lighthtp on Debian, but didn't put any
documents in the document root template".

Best guess (heavily based on assumptions and "reading between the
lines"):  The Usual start page he's using is run by Debian, they
recently changed their setup, and now the start page of his Browser
doesn't work any more. Probably his wife is using a different start
page, so her browser still works.

> Does anyone have an idea, what his problem could be? Wrong configuration or 
> sth? The links in this two docs lead me to a 404-error on the Google-site.

Ask them what they set as start page in their browser and tell them to
contact them ;)

Best regards,

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