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Re: Front page

Hi Jonathan,

I've sent a copy my last mail to you to the list. If there's an answer, I'll 
tell you.

I have some questions: You wanted to download Google Chrome and got onto the 
Debian wepage. 

On what page were you as you searched for Chrome? What did you do exactly? 
Please tell me the whole story as detailled as you can, not just one or two 
little sentences, so that I can understand it. That's E-Mail, not SMS ;)

BTW: Have you tried http://www.google.com/chrome , too?


On 09.05.2011, 20:11, grovespag26@talktalk.net wrote:
> Do you have a contact email  then please?
> Jonathan

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Pfannenstein Erik [mailto:debianignatz@gmx.de]
> Sent: 09 May 2011 16:46
> To: grovespag26@talktalk.net
> Cc: debian-www@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: Front page
> Hi Jonathan,
> > Hi Erik
> > 
> > Whenever I click on Google Chrome to open up I get an index.lighttpd.
> > html link and clicking on that link leads me to a page about Debian
> Project?
> > Never asked for or requested.  All I want is google chrome.
> > 
> > Can you help?
> > 
> > Jonathan
> No, sorry. I hope someone at the mailing list does ...
> Greetings
> Erik

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