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Who's using Debian?

 1. Name of organization: Institute for Learning and Research
Technology, University of Bristol, UK
 2. Organization type: educational
 3. (optional) Home page link: http://www.ilrt.bris.ac.uk/
 4. A paragraph or two describing how your organization uses Debian:
We have around 100 Debian based physical servers and Virtual Machines
running on Xen using Ganeti cluster manager, Bcfg2 configuration
management system and agile/CI deployment methodologies. The services
range from Web Content Management Systems for UK Higher/Further
Education Institutions and bodies, to a large UK Academic Survey Tool,
to JISC funded research and development projects such as semantic web
and mobile web technologies. We use Debian because it's reliable and
stable over long service life cycles whilst allowing us to rapidly
deploy Open Source Software based environments.


 Matthew Baker :: Senior Systems Administrator :: University of Bristol
| Infrastructure, Systems and Operations  it-sysops@bristol.ac.uk      |
| T: Berkeley Square:  +44(0)117 3314325  (Mon, Thur & Fri)            |
| T: Computer Centre:  +44(0)117 3317467  (Tue, Wed)                   |
| A: Uni of Bristol, Computer Centre, Tyndal Ave, Bristol. BS81UD      |

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