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Bug#337121: /vote/howto_proposal: headlines not matching link titles


Le mercredi 02 novembre 2005 14:27:41, Holger Levsen a écrit :

> The links on the left of the page http://www.debian.org/vote/howto_proposal
> are not consistent with the headlines of the pages, which is a little
> confusing

It's been quite a long time since this issue was raised, but i tend to 
disagree: the left menu offers quick links in order to provide usual sort of 
information. The headlines may be different because they provide information on 
how these usual aspects are actually handled in Debian.

>  Submit a Proposal   -> Guidelines
>  Amend a Proposal  -> amending
>  Follow a Proposal -> Standard Resolution Procedure
> I would suggest:
>  Submit a Proposal   -> Guidelines for submitting a proposal

Has been changed to “Procedures for submitting a General Resolution proposal 
or amendment” in the mean time, so it should be fine anyway.

>  Amend a Proposal  -> amending a proposal

It's now “Amending”, part of the “Procedures for submitting a General 
Resolution proposal or amendment” too, so it should be fine too.

> I have no idea how to fix the last one :(
> Maybe just
>  Standard Resolution Procedure -> Standard Resolution Procedure
> but then the headline in the left column ("howto") doesnt fit anymore :(

That's why I do think it's better to keep it the way it is: the “Standard 
Resolution Procedure” page explain the Standard Resolution Procedure which is 
indeed useful to “Follow a Proposal”.



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