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Bug#622274: Better visibility of "what can you do with Debian" on the Debian main page

[#622274 in CC]

On Tue, Apr 12, 2011 at 05:47:18PM +0200, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> Yodel!

> ...
> Linking to blends and/or subprojects would be addressing target groups, 
> which would probably be useful.

I do really like this suggestion!

> My proposal (which is orthogonal) is linking to applications, just to show 
> that Debian is not just an operating system as defined on our title page 
> ("set of basic programs and utilities that make your computer run.")

I recently wondered if we should use the (buzz word) "application
store".  I do not really like buzz words but we are de facto what people
understand behind this word.  I have no idea if we might be able to do
better with the wording because usually you *buy* something in a store,
but Debian is some place where you get things for free.
>  * a new page, prominently listing the top applications (tbd - but the 
> target group is the "average user", so this would probably include stuff 
> like libreoffice, iceweasel, apache/php/mysql and other web stuff etc.; then 
> mention kde and gnome and perhaps point to their application pages, and 
> possibly include a "more stuff" link, pointing to a package db browsable by 
> debtags/categories (does this already exist? Offline right now, can't 
> check.)
>  * obviously needs to link to "how can I install this stuff" information
>  * should not be a wall of text like so many of our pages are. all the 
> applications I've mentioned above have a logo...

Sounds good.  When reading the first items I was thinking: This might
become a longish page with a lot of text before we might come to the
Blends / subgroups point.  But using somehow graphic representations
might make this suggestion quite interesting. (But we should make sure
that target users for Debian Accessibility can also understand this

> Should I do a draft of such an "applications" page? Let's not get into 
> fights on which application should be listed (yet) - we can always make it a 
> dynamic page and list a random selection of applications... :-)

Yes, please do.

BTW, what about a Tag Cloud of applications regarding to popcon (and I
really mean "applications" not libraries and basic system requirements).
> Again: maybe we also could/should link to subprojects/blends/... that 
> address specific target user groups - it's just a thought I had after 
> reading that discussion.

Thanks for pushing things foreward



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