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Bug#529540: packages.debian.org: Changelogs on Updated 'unstable' Packages Not Copied to changelogs/pool


* Leo L. Schwab <ewhac@ewhac.org> [2011-04-09 04:12:26 CEST]:
> 	For about the last two weeks, packages receiving updates in the
> 'unstable' repository have not had their changelogs copied to the
> changelogs/pool/... area of packages.debian.org, with the result that
> 'aptitude' displays a 404 error when asked to display the changelogs of
> recently updated packages.
> 	Example (from unstable/sid as of today):
> 	http://packages.debian.org/changelogs/pool/main/a/aptitude/aptitude_0.6.3-4/changelog
> 	Not all changelogs are missing; only the ones associated with packages
> that have been updated in the last two weeks or so.
> 	Based on previous commentary on this bug, I'm given to understand there
> is some conflict that occasionally makes these missing updates unavoidable.
> Any guesstimates on when this current manifestation might clear up?

 This is a different thing than what is mentioned in the bug you
followed up to. The packages from the regular pool are unaffected by
this bug. The thing you report is actually covered in
http://bugs.debian.org/622224 (which was reported after your mail, so
you couldn't have found it)

 I'm investigating on the issue why the extraction of the changelogs
don't work anymore, though I get the impression that working on closing
this bug would be much more fruitful. I can't figure out in a quick way
why the extraction doesn't work anymore (it might be related to the
latest lenny point release, but even that's uncertain), and as we need
to switch over to use the already extracted files that ftpmasters do
offer us so we can include the changelogs for security and backports
packages, investing time into the rewrite will give the better outcome.

 Though - this will take a bit more time, so I can just ask for a bit
more patient.

 Thanks for understanding,
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