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Re: Draft: policy for vendors listed on Debian website

Hi Francesca,

On Sat, Mar 05, 2011 at 12:06:34AM +0100, Francesca Ciceri wrote:
> is my intent to proceed with a clean up of vendors listed on [1] and [2].

Thanks for doing that! I actually have a few scripts which help with the CD 
vendor list, they flag sites that are not reachable anymore, don't have the 
word Debian anywhere on the page etc.

> Vendors of Debian CD and PCs with Debian pre-installed who want to be listed
> on Debian website, need to:
> 1. provide the URL of an up-and-running website and a mail address
> 2. *explicitly* mention in their website the Debian product for which they
> want to be listed
> 3. maintain their product updated: specifically CD vendors must sell copies of
> recent release, at least of the current oldstable (or stable if there's no
> oldstable)

Please also have a look at the requirements at the bottom of
which I slowly added over time in response to problems with some vendors. 
If you feel that some are too strict, feel free to relax them. I just took 
a conservative approach - after all, people who trust the Debian website 
will send real money to the shops.

We had a handful of spammers, so it makes sense to check submissions 
carefully. Some vendors put up a page, then remove it once they're listed, 
or they don't respond to offers. Others register multiple web shops with 
slightly different layout which all belong to the same company, I think 
that is also unfair towards other vendors.


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