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Re: Source code for Utilities tr, cat, ls etc.

* danackerman@northwesternmutual.com <danackerman@northwesternmutual.com> [2011-02-28 17:27:08 CET]:
> I am trying to locate source code for some of the simpler Linux/Unix
> commands; in particular, the tr command for now.  Is there a source
> repository for gcc or gpp source that is available?

 http://packages.debian.org/ -> second search form (the one about
contents), enter "bin/tr" into the search box and click search -> follow
the coreutils link -> there you have the source code links on the
righthand side

 Actually, debian-www is about discussions upon the website of Debian.
Your question is better suited at debian-user@lists.debian.org, please
use that for similar questions in the future.

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