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Bug#612116: Show download links for oldstable on "Getting Debian" page


Since the release of squeeze and deployment of the shiny new website, a FAQ on 
#debian has been "where can I find lenny iso images". While stable is the thing 
we want to offer people most easily, these are normally people who want 
oldstable for a specific purpose (usually to do a test install of lenny so they 
can then practice lenny->squeeze on a test server or VM prior to doing it on 
hardware they depend upon.)

I had to do a fair amount of hunting on the website to find links to them (as 
opposed to just knowing where they were...). Is it feasible to provide a link 
to "older releases" or similar from the "Getting Debian" page so that when 
people click "Getting Debian" they can actually end up at 
http://www.debian.org/releases/lenny/debian-installer/ more easily?

While we're re-imagining the download pages, a couple of other points that 
come up semi-regularly on #debian:

* where are the md5sum (sha*sum etc) files for the ISO images?
Reason: they're in the same directory, but they're not linked to from the 
download pages.

* zomg there are so many CDs which one do I need? (variations: what's the kde 
cd, what's the netinst etc)
Reason: users are ending up at http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-
cd/6.0.0/i386/iso-cd/ or mirrors just by browsing through the mirror structure 
or directly from searching. These pages give no context to the files that are 
in there. Can we put a README or HEADER in there (if we can assume that style 
of index generation) that at least directs people to the Getting Debian page 
for more details or preferably also describes what is in each CD set. This 
should be propagated to the mirrors too, obviously.


Stuart Prescott    --    www.nanonanonano.net

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