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Bug#612772: www.debian.org: packages.debian.org footer overlaps with right sidebar links

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor

The footer on the packages.debian.org package pages (containing the language
selector and contact details) overlaps the package links bar that runs
down the right side of the page. This causes the background of the right
side bar to change towards the bottom, package names in the "similar packages"
list might get a line through them (the border to the footer) and the popup
language selector can make clicking on packages in the "similar packages" list
quite hard.

Unlike most design issues, this is worse for people with wider windows because
the content of the main part gets shorter.

The page I noticed this on was particularly bad because it's an arch:all package
with few dependencies so the content part of the page is very short:


I also noticed that I'm finding it slower to find the relevant information on
this page with the new theme (even though the same information is in the same
places!). I don't know if that's just because the page looks different (in 
which case time will cure this problem) or because the reduction in other
visual cues on the page -- the page used to have different a background colour
for the bar down the right side that perhaps made that information stand out
a bit better. I don't know if doing that would make sense in the new design or
not; I'll just pass on this observation.

Kudos for the great work!


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