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I want to collaborate with the WWW team ;-)


I'm a member of the Debian L10N Spanish team, and in this moment we have
an issue about redirecting people from the contact message on the site
to the proper contact list when they have an issue on the site, as an
example if an issue is proper to the site and not a translation issue,
many times people write in Spanish to this list, so I want to
collaborate in this topic if will be neccesary to translate the problem.

This is just an idea to start my collaboration in this team, but I'll
try to help in other topics too ;-)

By the way, THANKS for the hard work on the site and congrats for the
new rocking layout.

Best Regards,

P.S. I want to help in the UTF-8 conversion for the Spanish translations
too as a David Prévot's suggestion on the Publicity Team ;-)
Fernando C. Estrada

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