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Re: New artwork for Squeeze CDs

Hi there!

On Tue, 08 Feb 2011 15:38:26 +0100, Ean Schuessler wrote:
> Good stuff. I'm not so sure about the large earth on the side of the
> t-shirt. I've found that large print areas become plastic-ish from the
> ink, especially if it is a dense solid design. While this works OK on
> the chest, the trunk area of the shirt has to bend more and can feel
> stiff or weird. Just a note.

FWIW, the SpaceFun T-Shirts sold at FOSDEM (AFAIK they are the only one
produced so far) have neither the Earth nor Saturn, for price reason
(with both each T-Shirt would have been cost at least 25€) and practical
(it was impossible to print on the junction above the shoulders).


FYI, they will be soon available on <http://debian.ch/merchandise>, I
need to take an action shot first...

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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