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Bug#612468: packages.debian.org: minor issues with the new theme

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: minor

There are several issues with the new theme on packages.d.o:

The Debian logo on the top left is different to the www.d.o one.

The red "PACKAGES" label is not a link to the top of packages.d.o like
it is on wiki.d.o.

The bottom of the Debian logo does not line up with the bottom of the
breadcrumbs line like it does on www.d.o and wiki.d.o

For packages on debian-ports.org where the version is different, it
links to debports like [ debports ] instead of [debports] as it used to
be and looks better. In addition these used to be red instead of blue.
The non-free/contrib links also have the same issue.

The URL to screenshot thumbnail images has a double slash in it.

There are additional similar issues as described in #612447.



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