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New website layout feedback


What a great surprise I had when I entered debian.org today! :D
Thank you, the site looks great!

I just found two little glitches, or things that I think do not look too well:
1. The header has a nice fade effect, but behind the Debian logo on the left, the background's fade effect is not the same and looks kind of "broken" as it is.
  I think it would look nicer if the background behind the logo had the same fade colours as that of the central header (see attachments).

2. I saw that at the bottom of the page there is a "Report it!" button for website-related bug reports. When I clicked it, I was sent to a page that simply said: "Thank You / Thank you for supporting the Debian Website Team!".
  I thought I was going to get a bug-report form or something like that. Then I noticed that I didn't have to click the "Report it!" button at all: this mailing list's address was there already at the bottom of the page. I suggest that either that "Report it!" button is removed or that a bug-report page raplaces that one that only says "Thank you!".

Thanks once again for the beautiful design,

Luís Picciochi

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