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Re: Can you believe it? The Debian website has a new layout!

El dom, 06-02-2011 a las 02:54 +0100, Martin Zobel-Helas escribió:
> Hi,

Hello all,

> After about 13 years[1] with nearly the same design, the layout and
> design of the website changed with today's release of Debian Squeeze.

I think the new layout is really good, It looks really new,
professional and usefull.
Goog job.

> This has been made possible thanks to the immense involvement over the
> years by Kalle Söderman and Gerfried Fuchs, who were tireless in their
> efforts to make the idea a reality, with the help of the webteam: Ben
> Armstrong, Damyan Ivanov, David Prévot, Francesca Ciceri, Kåre Thor
> Olsen and Simon Paillard.
> After a www sprint in December[2][3], David, Francesca, Gerfried and
> Kåre spent the last days working nearly 24x7 on the website without much
> sleep, to finish the self-set goal of releasing the website's new layout
> with the release of Debian Squeeze. I think the project owes them a
> really big "Thank you".

Thank you for your great work.  Now Debian has a new and better look.
I am sure you have worked  a lot these weeks.


Francisco M. García Claramonte <franciscomanuel.garcia@hispalinux.es>
Debian GNU/Linux Developer     <francisco@debian.org>
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