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Re: Distribuicoes Linux: Non-delivery of CDs


Unfortunately, earlier this year, an error occurred on our servers and part of the database was lost.
So some order have not been sent and others delayed.
To prevent further damage, we put the site offline this month of January while the data is recovered and we entered into contact with clients.

We used a payment system called Brazilian "PagSeguro. " This payment method returns the client's money if it does not receive the product within 14 days. Once we realized that would not ship the product to some clients, we return the money to EVERYONE.

This problem occurred about 7 orders and we sended notices informing them about the problem.

I'm sure the problem does not happen again because now we are adopting new policies in relation to backups.

The site already normalized and orders are now being sent normally.

We apologize for happened.

Renan Gomes.

Distribuições Linux
Av. Ranieri Mazilli, 1674 - Sala 105 - Esquina 2001 - Cristo
João Pessoa - Paraíba - Brasil
Tel: (21) 3010.9050 / (11) 3020.6686 / (83) 3231.1332

2011/1/25 Craig Small <csmall@debian.org>
 The Debian Project has received at least two complaints of
non-delivery of CDs. The first one was Matheus Barem de Lima who
ordered early January and Ricardo Pires in mid December 2010.

In addition, your website appears to be either down or unconfigured.
Can you let us know what has happened to these two orders and also
fix your website?

If you are unable to, we will have to de-list you from the Debian
CD vendors webpage.

 - Craig
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