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Bug#611735: www.debian.org: Add helper button on footer for design-flaws

Package: www.debian.org
Severity: wishlist


with the new website design coming up, we might break some pages quite
hard.  Thus i would like to suggest to have a button on the footer of
each page with says something like "Found problem with the layout of
this page, click here".

Not sure yet what to do with this button, my idea would be to just mail
this to a specified address, and have someone watching the incoming mail
flood. Other idea would be to write a flat file somewhere.

Nevertheless, i think we will need the following information:

* Remote IP (yes, we want that, so we can find out if it might be a
  problem with the www-mirror we use, you never know...)
* page
* date + time
* User-Agent (it might be displaying problems with a specific UA).

I would suggest to limit this to four weeks, we should ne able to find
most of the fall-out of the redesign switch within that time frame.

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