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Re: proposed banner for homepage, release squeeze.

I think the aesthetic sense of highly technical people is very interesting. There does seem to be a consistent aversion to highly graphical, consumer oriented sites (ie. ubuntu.com, fedoraproject.org). I'm curious, how do sites like Ubuntu and Fedora make you "feel"? What does the highly polished interface suggest that makes it feel negative?

I'm technical myself and could take a guess but I would be very interested to hear it in your own words.


On 01/30/2011 11:14 AM, Osamu Aoki wrote:
On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 03:56:10AM -0200, Valessio S Brito wrote:
I create a proposal banner release squeeze, initial page:

criticisms or suggestions?

Can we move this big picture out of this current location?  In small
screen browser, it blocks significant page space.

I see unused space on right top part.  Why not move there or to the
bottom of page.

As for page style:
I think these have too much graphics...  we should not imitate.
These have minimum graphics and looks good.

Other smaller version or source, here:

Can you think of using something like "Installer" one at right top?
Problem may be conflict with official logos.  So aesthetically,
(Reorganizing text by using new stylesheet may be also needed.)

Also set up a short url: http://deb.li/get ->  http://get.debian.net
I change the redirect if needed ".org"

Why use redirected URL? It makes extra time to connect etc.

Other proposal is update images on get.debian.net:

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