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Bug#264589: Link from packages.debian.org to manpages.debian.net - updated information (bug 264589)


I just wanted to update the bug report (and the -www team) on the
status of the manpages.debian.net interface.

The current status is as follows:

- a searchable manpage interface is now available and running at a
DSA-administered machine. It is available at
http://manpages.debian.net/ and rebuilds the manpage contents
periodically (currently monthly)

- the interface is a perl CGI script, source can be directly obtained
from http://manpages.debian.net/cgi-bin/man.cgi/source and the
repository used to track its changes is available in SVN:

- the manpage interface allows users to search by name, distribution and section

- in addition links like http://manpages.debian.net/man/1/dpkg are
rewrite to build a search for a specific manpage in a specific
section. This is, I believe, used by wiki.debian.org

In the backend, an extraction tool (see
http://svn.debian.org/viewsvn/ddp/man-cgi/extractor/) parses all the
packages in the archive and extracts the manpage files to a pool-like

The interface, on the other hand, is currently is lacking a way to do
a search by package names, and the underlying content is not
available. If required:

- the content (as I said following a pool structure) could be exposed
for direct access and download of the original manpages,
- searchs through package names could be implemented by building a package index

I'm not sure if this last two items are required from
packages.debian.org to make a link to manpages.debian.net. Could
someone clarify what are the interface requirements from the
packages.debian.org perspective?

Anyway, I would need help to implement the above and would accept any
patches that improve the existing interface.



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