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Bug#606239: custom 404 to hide info and be nice for user

Package: www.debian.org

The 404 error page displayed if an URL doesn't match a ressource is
the default one from Apache. There are 2 problems:
- the details of the configuration are public (currently Apache/2.2.9,
etc.). Hiding them would be lightly better (but the gain is not huge
since there are other ways to get them).
- the page is not beautiful for a classical user.

Using a custom page can fix these two goals. The page provided is an
example based on the home page so the style will be consistent with
the website and could reuse other templates.
It would be good if the page could support:
- i18n
- display the erroneous path.
(However a static page is better than the current page.)

Without those features, modifying .htaccess to include something like
ErrorDocument 404 /404.html
would be enough.

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