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Bug#604243: packages.debian.org: no information for packages in lenny-backports-sloppy


* Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@2008.43-1.org> [2010-11-21 13:12:50 CET]:
> packages.d.o does not display any information about packages in
> lenny-backports-sloppy.  For example, only the unstable version of
> postgresql-9.0 shows up on <http://packages.debian.org/postgresql-9.0>.
> On the other hand packages from lenny-backports are shown, see for
> example <http://packages.debian.org/libdatetime-timezone-perl>.
> I suppose packages.d.o needs to be told about the (quite new)
> lenny-backports-sloppy ditribution somewhere.

 Given that I'm both the person who triggered backports-sloppy and
working on the packages code I am well aware of this, even without the
bugreport. ;)

 I started working on it a while ago but got distracted a bit. It's
currently in here:

 This branch is deployed onto <http://packages.deb.at/>. The
corresponding commits will get cherry-picked into the regular
debian-master branch once it's working like it should. Given that a
testbuild run on my test site takes 10 hours (mostly because of
changelog extraction code - maybe I should disable that part for the
time being) it is a bit cumbersome to work on it. It's though not
forgetten nor ignored.

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