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Who's using Debian?


	I'd like to report that we use Debian. Here is the information
	on our company and how we use Debian;

	1. Pelagicore AB, Gothenburg Sweden
	2. We are a commercial enterprise in the field of IVI
	(In-Vehicle Infotainment)
	3. http://pelagicore.com
	4. We use debian for our web servers because we find it
	stable, easy to use, full featured with the software we want,
	secure, and conformant to our belief in Open Source. We also
	use Debian internally as a development platform and recommend
	it to our customers. We have couple of instances of Debian
	Squeeze running git, svn, apache, exim, ldap, sftp, as well as
	other various services. 
	We try to contribute to Debian actively and have sponsored
	DebConf as well as contribute package maintenance and other 
	work to Debian.


Jeremiah C. Foster


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