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Re: Looking for a PPC Version of Debian Vendor listing not functioning

Il giorno ven, 12/11/2010 alle 13.30 -0500, Boggess, Robert ha scritto:
> I have made sever attempts to contact vendors listed on your website
> concerning getting a Debian Unix Version for the PPC and haven’t
> gotten a response back from any of them. How can I obtain a PPC
> version that would work on a IBM 7025-H70 Risc6000 pSeries server?

I don't know if you need ppc (stable release) or ppc64 (still not
completely supported) discs. Anyway, you may download CDs or DVDs
directly from one of our mirrors.

Debian powerpc page: http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/
Debian ppc64 page: http://debian-ppc64.alioth.debian.org/

General page with CD/DVD ISO images: http://www.debian.org/CD/http-ftp/
Debian installation guide:


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